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IMPULSE provides organisations with a full-fledged carbon compensation service that gives your customers the opportunity to compensate the carbon emissions of the products that they buy!

CO2-calculation of products

IMPULSE calculates the carbon emissions that occur during the production of consumer goods.

Carbon Compensation

With the customer investments, IMPULSE compensates the exact carbon emissions of your customer's purchases.


With IMPULSE's sophisticated software, the carbon compensation service can be easily integrated.

Our Carbon Compensation Service

IMPULSE has been founded to widen consumer’s circles of concern beyond their own purchase. With our service, consumers are given the low-threshold opportunity to contribute to the social and economic development of impoverished areas by only pressing a button. This way, they contribute to a wide variety of SDGs and you, the retailer, display your sustainable intentions and build a positive relationship with your customer. The carbon compensation service, therefore, provides a cost-effective and visible addition to your sustainable practices. 

That is how you Make Change With Change!

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Raul da Silva

Raul da Silva


By partnering with IMPULSE, we will together with our clients, colleagues, and partners, strive for solving cutting-edge and complex business problems through a tailor-made solution.

Lefika Otisitswe

Lefika Otisitswe


IMPULSE bridges the gap between consumers and sustainability through empowering consumers to compensations for their carbon footprint. I believe in a world of sustainable choices!

Werner Schouten

Werner Schouten

Co- Founder

We create life-affirming services that satisfy the customer’s need to make small contributions to sustainability. That is how we Make Change with Change!’

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IMPULSE's carbon compensation service provides retailers with a unique and visible addition to their sustainable activities. It enriches your organisation with a multitude of benefits.
Increased Firm Value

Increased Firm Value

Brands with a visible and compelling strategy on sustainability outperform the stock market by 120% .

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Close customer engagement in your sustainable activities with IMPULSE's services greatly contributes to customer loyalty!

Visible and Low-cost CSR

Visible and Low-cost CSR

During operation, IMPULSE takes care of the carbon compensation service while you enjoy the benefits!

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