How it Works

Carbon offsetting provides a fast way for reducing the carbon emissions that you can’t. A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of CO2 to compensate for an emission made elsewhere. Since 1 kg of carbon dioxide in Europe is the same as 1 kg of carbon dioxide in South-America, a kilogram of carbon emissions in Europe can be compensated by reducing 1 kg of future carbon emissions in South-America. By investing in projects that prevent future carbon emissions, we can jointly create a carbon-neutral supply chain at this very moment.

Carbon Offsetting

Gold Standard

IMPULSE compensates the carbon emissions of products by investing in projects that prevent future carbon emissions. All projects that are eligible for the investments of IMPULSE have to adhere to the highest verification standard of the carbon offset market: the Gold Standard.

The Gold Standard assures that investments result in an additional reduction of carbon emissions that would not have taken place without the investments.

Supported Projects

Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

This project helps the Los Santos Wind Power Project provide renewable clean energy to families while helping the local community.
The wind turbines yield economic benefits for the local community and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

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Affordable Cookstoves

This project helps more families in Uganda to get access to improved cookstoves they want and need and help our planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

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Biogas Digesters for Farmers

In Vietnam, family farms build digesters to manage waste and gain access to clean energy. One digester produces enough methane to provide free low-cost energy for cooking or other needs in several homes.

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