‘Creating Life-Affirming Services’

IMPULSE’s carbon compensation service provides a low-cost and visible addition to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. As an environmentally responsible organisation, you do your bit in improving your sustainable practices. We give your customers the opportunity to do their bit! Our service closely involves your customers in your sustainable practices by giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for the carbon emissions of their products.

How it Works


IMPULSE calculates the carbon emissions of all products that are offered by our partners along the lines of the PAS2050 Standard for Life Cycle Assessment.


In your (web) shop, the customer is asked, just before checkout, to invest just a small amount of money to compensate their carbon emissions.


The customer investments that are received by IMPULSE are invested in projects that prevent future carbon emissions. Click here to see our projects.


As a partner of IMPULSE, you can communicate tangible information regarding the environmental impact that has been created by your customers.


We celebrate the positive environmental impact that is made by your consumer!


IMPULSE’s carbon compensation service provides you with a multitude of benefits. Have a look below to see how IMPULSE can contribute to your results.

  • A low-cost and visible addition to your CSR-strategy that is fully taken care of by IMPULSE
  • Close customer engagement in your sustainable practices.
  • An estimated +3% extra increase in sales growth.
  • Easy communication of the tangible environmental impact made by your customers!

ACSR strategy lets companies outperform the stock market by 120%.


Application rate for your vacancies with IMPULSE’s service.


Higher employee rate for companies with a visible CSR strategy.


Of consumers pay more for products with an environmental cause.

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